The Altar Of Fusion, located in Edgeville, is a high level altar where players may choose to gamble ten of certain items for a chance at upgrading them into a single "imbued" version. If successful, a player will be awarded with an imbued (upgraded) version of the item which they have gambled. However, if a player is not so lucky then they will lose all 10 of the gambled items.

For example, from looking at the table below, a player with 10 Torva Platebodys may choose to gamble with the Altar Of Infusion for a 50% chance of success. This means that there is a 50% chance that the player's 10 Torva Platebodys will turn into one single Torva Platebody (i). There is also a 50% chance that the player will simply lose all of his 10 Torva Platebodys.

Item Name Success Rate Upgraded Item Name Upgraded Item Special Effects
Vesta's Chainbody 30% Vesta's Chainbody (Deg) Non-Degradable
Vesta's Plateskirt 30% Vesta's Plateskirt (Deg) Non-Degradable
Vesta's Spear 30% Vesta's Spear (Deg) Non-Degradable
Vesta's Longsword 30% Vesta's Longsword (Deg) Non-Degradable
Torva Full Helm 50% Torva Full Helm (i) Increased Stats
Torva Platebody 50% Torva Platebody (i) Increased Stats
Torva Platelegs 50% Torva Platelegs (i) Increased Stats
Cursed Ancient Mace 30% Cursed Ancient Mace (i) Increased Stats & Increased Prayer Drain Effect
Flameburst Defender 30% Flameburst Defender (i) Increased Stats
::Edge  None
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