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Clue Scrolls

There are 4 tiers to the Clue Scroll system - Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite. The clue scrolls are not stackable, not tradeable, and not gamble-able. You cannot do two clue scrolls in a row. Clue scrolls can be obtained from various PvM monsters, Voting, the Vote Shop, or via PvP keys. When players vote, they automatically have a chance of winning one of the four clue scrolls. Players have a 50% chance of receiving an Easy clue scroll, a 30% chance of receiving a Medium clue scroll, a 15% chance of receiving a Hard clue scroll, or a 5% chance of receiving an Elite clue scroll. Players can also buy clue scrolls of all tiers from the Vote Store. Additionally, by opening the PvP chest with a PvP key, players can get clue scrolls of the Medium and Hard variety.

Clue scroll detail
A Clue Scroll
Tradeable No
Stackable No

Drop Table

Monster Drop Table
Monster Name Easy Medium Hard Elite
Ice Strykewrym 4% 2%
Tormented Demon 2%
King Black Dragon 1%


When you read a clue scroll, you are given a hint as to what to do in order to complete that step. Clues may require you to do various things; find a certain location, perform a certain action (e.g. digging, using an emote), killing a certain NPC, having certain items equipped/in your inventory, or using items on different NPC's. The clue will describe to you what to do. As you progress to higher tiers, you will receive more vague clues with more dangerous steps, with Elite scrolls being mostly in the deep wilderness. This leaves you vulnrable to Pkers, but for a great reward!


Upon completion of your clue scroll, you will be given a reward casket. 

The items listed below are the rewards that are possible to receive from all levels of Clue Scrolls. These items are not guaranteed rewards, only possibilities.

The items listed below are the rewards you can get from Easy Clue Scrolls only.

Easy Rewards
Zul-Andra Teleport (1-4) Common
Rev Cave Teleport (1-3) Common
Blood Money (1,500 - 3,000) Uncommon
Blessed Spirit Shield Rare
Medium Clue Scroll Rare

The items listed below are the rewards you can get from Medium Clue Scrolls only.

Medium Rewards
Chaotic Rapier Common
Chaotic Longsword Common
Chaotic Maul Common
Blood Money (2,000 - 5,000) Uncommon
Spectral Spirit Shield Rare
Hard Clue Scroll Rare

The items listed below are the rewards you can get from Hard Clue Scrolls only.

Hard Rewards
Mystery Box Common
Arcane Stream Necklace Common
Steadfast Boots Uncommon
Dragon Crossbow Uncommon
Vesta's Longsword Rare
Arcane Spirit Shield Rare
Elite Clue Scroll Rare

  The items listed below are the rewards you can get from Elite Clue Scrolls only.

Elite Rewards
Double Xp Lamp Common
Scroll of Augury Uncommon
Scroll of Rigour Uncommon
Chaotic Staff Uncommon
Chaotic Crossbow Uncommon
Korasi's Sword Uncommon
Sagittarian Shortbow Rare
Sagittarian Longbow Rare
Elysian Spirit Shield Rare
Eternal Boots Rare
Pegasian Boots Rare
Primordial Boots Rare
Dragon Warhammer Ultra Rare
Third-Age Druidic Staff Ultra Rare
Third-Age Druidic Cloak Ultra Rare
Third-Age Druidic Wreath Ultra Rare
Third-Age Druidic Robe top Ultra Rare
Third-Age Robe Top Ultra Rare
Third-Age Robe Bottom Ultra Rare
Investigator Hat Ultra Rare
Investigator Top Ultra Rare
Investigator Bottoms Ultra Rare
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