Corporeal Beast guide can be found [1].

Item Quantity Rarity
Bones Bones 1 Always
Green Charm Green Charm 5-10 Uncommon
Gold Charm Gold Charm 5-10 Uncommon
Blue Charm Blue Charm 5-10 Uncommon
Crimson Charm Crimson Charm 5-10 Uncommon
Pkp Ticket Pk Ticket 500-2000 Uncommon
Super Restore4 Super Restore 10-20 Rare (1,60%)
Legendary Ticket Legendary Ticket 1-5 Super Rare (0,60%)
Arcane Spirit Shield Arcane Spirit Shield 1 Super Rare (0,30%)
Spectral Spirit Shield Spectral Spirit Shield 1 Super Rare (0,30%)
Elysian Spirit Shield Elysian Spirit Shield 1 Super Rare (0,30%)
Divine Spirit Shield Divine Spirit Shield 1 Super Rare (0,30%)
Staff of the Dead Staff of the Dead 1 Super Rare (0,60%)
Promethium Spear Promethium Spear 1 Super Rare (Unknown)
Corporeal Beast
Corporeal Beast
Attack style Melee, Magic
Combat level 785
Hitpoints 1700 (17000)
Slayer Level 1
Slayer XP 23800
Amount per Task 3-10
Aggressiveness Yes
Poisonous No
Max Hit 51 (Melee), 69 (Magic)
Always Drops Bones
Spawn Time 30 Seconds
Weakness Stab
Examine text "It's a Corporeal beast."
Corporeal Beast Location
Boss Teleport, Corporeal Beast 200 Pylos points

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