Level Table

This table shows all possible difficulty related to Dungeoneering.

Difficulty's Sizes Unlocked at Level Rooms until boss
Easy Small/Medium/Large 1 Boss is 4th room
Medium Small/Medium/Large 45 Boss is 14th room
Hard Small/Medium/Large 80 Boss is 29th room


For the most effective and fastest way to get to 99 Dungeoneering, you should be following this suitable/suggested training route.

Level 1 to 45
Difficulty Size Quantity
Small Medium -
Level 45 to 80
Medium Medium -
Level 80 to 99
Hard Medium -

XP Rates

To calculate the experience gain from a dungeon, you follow this following forumla:


The Time % is a measure of how quickly the dungeon was completed - a faster completion time will result in more experience. The Death % will be below 100% if you died during that dungeon, so staying alive increases your experience rate. The Team % is ?????.

The base rate depends on the difficulty and size of the dungeon you are doing. The following table shows base rates.

Dungeon Easy Medium Hard
Small 9750 xp 33750 xp 75000 xp
Medium 26000 xp 90000 xp 200000 xp
Large 49400 xp 171000 xp 380000 xp

Item Binding

You can Bind items by Right-clicking your item and "use" on your Ring of Kinship. Remember that you can only Bind Rune's,Armour Weapon's.Remember that you only have 5 spots available to Bind.If there is no more available spots to bind more items and you wanna change a certain item that you don't want you have to bind another item on it.

You can do this only while in the Dungeon.


Easy Dungeon NPCs


Name Combat Level Hitpoints Weakness
Dagannoth Prime Dagannoth Prime
Dagannoth Rex Dagannoth Rex
Dagannoth Supreme Dagannoth Supreme


Skeleton Skeleton
Experiment Experiment
Chaos Dwarf Chaos Dwarf
Tz-Kek Tz-Kek
Man Man
Guard Guard
Moss Giant Moss Giant
Jail Guard Jail Guard
Tz-Kih Tz-Kih
Angry Giant Rat Angry Giant Rat
Khazard Guard Khazard Guard
Swordchick Swordchick
Giant Bat Giant Bat
Hill Giant Hill Giant
Guard Bandit Guard Bandit

Medium Dungeon NPCs


Name Combat Level Hitpoints Weakness
Revenant Knight Revenant Knight 126 8000 Ranged
Revenant Ork Revenant Ork 105 4000 Ranged
Revenant Dark Beast Revenant Dark Beast 120 8000 Ranged
Revenant Demon Revenant Demon 98 2000 Ranged


Fire Giant Fire Giant
Green Dragon Green Dragon
Blue Dragon Blue Dragon
Red Dragon Red Dragon
Baby Dragon Baby Dragon
Baby Blue Dragon Baby Blue Dragon
Hellhound Hellhound
Lesser Demon Lesser Demon
Greater Demon Greater Demon
Yt-MejKot Yt-MejKot

Hard Dungeon NPCs


Name Combat Level Hitpoints Weakness
Tormented Demon Tormented Demon 450 2000 Melee
Kree'arra Kree'arra 580 2550 None
K'ril Tsutsaroth K'ril Tsutsaroth 650 2550 Melee
Commander Zilyana Commander Zilyana 596 2550 None
General Graardor General Graardor 624 285 Melee


Bronze Dragon Bronze Dragon
Iron Dragon Iron Dragon
Steel Dragon Steel Dragon
Black Demon Black Demon
Zakl'n Gritch Zakl'n Gritch
Growler Growler
Flockleader Geerin Flockleader Geerin
Balfrug Kreeyath Balfrug Kreeyath
Bree Bree
Ket-zek Ket-zek
Flight Kilisa Flight Kilisa
Wingman Skree Wingman Skree
Black Dragon Black Dragon
Giant Scarab Giant Scarab
Tstanon Karlak Tstanon Karlak
Starlight Starlight


  • It is best to train magic as that is the best for dungeoneering.
  • It is wise to get a team to help you dung.
  • You keep your non combat skills in dungeoneering, so training runecrafting can help you and your team in dungeoneering.
  • If you are doing hard floors, cooking can help as well, since you will most likely need to cook your food to survive the hard enemies.


You can get to the Dungeoneering start area by clicking on the Ring of Kinship.

Teleport Image Spot image
Ring of Kinship Dungeoneering Spot


Dungeoneering Cape Dungeoneering Master Cape
Dungeoneering Cape Dungeoneering Master Cape
99 Dungeoneering 200m Dungeoneering xp
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