Emblem (Level 1) to (Level 10)
Emblem (Level 1)Emblem (Level 2)Emblem (Level 3)Emblem (Level 4)Emblem (Level 5)Emblem (Level 6)Emblem (Level 7) Emblem (Level 8)Emblem (Level 9)Emblem (Level 10)
Tradable False
Degradable False
Spawnable False
Stackable False
Examine Unknown edit
Item ID 13195, 13196, 13197, 13198, 13199, 13200, 13201, 13202, 13203, 13204


To get an Emblem you must kill your Bounty Hunter Target. Once you have successfully killed your Bounty Hunter Target, you will receive an Emblem. To get a higher emblem level, keep the emblem in your inventory and kill a new Bounty Hunter Target. The maximum emblem level is 10. The amount of Blood money you will get depends on the emblem level you have. You can exchange your emblem by talking to Mandrith (Blood money store) in Edgeville.

Emblem Points

Name Emblem Points
Emblem (Level 1) Emblem (Level 1) 500 Blood money
Emblem (Level 2) Emblem (Level 2) 1.000 Blood money
Emblem (Level 3) Emblem (Level 3) 2.000 Blood money
Emblem (Level 4) Emblem (Level 4) 4.000 Blood money
Emblem (Level 5) Emblem (Level 5) 6.500 Blood money
Emblem (Level 6) Emblem (Level 6) 9.500 Blood money
Emblem (Level 7) Emblem (Level 7) 13.000 Blood money
Emblem (Level 8) Emblem (Level 8) 17.500 Blood money
Emblem (Level 9) Emblem (Level 9) 22.500 Blood money
Emblem (Level 10) Emblem (Level 10) 30.000 Blood money
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