Item Table

This table shows all items needed to getting your Firemaking level to 99 as quickly as possible.

Icon Name Code Unlocked at Level Spawnable
Tinderbox 590 1 True
Logs 1511 1 True
Maple Logs.png
Maple Logs 1517 45 True
Yew Logs.png
Yew Logs 1515 60 True
Magic Logs.png
Magic Logs 1513 75 True


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 param = agm|Current (per choice above)|1|int|0-200000000
 param = mallxp|Goal: Level or Experience?|Level|select|Level,Experience
 param = malm|Goal (per choice above)|2|int|2-200000000
 param = scham|Bonus skill?|No|select|No,Yes
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For the most effective and fastest way to get to 99 Firemaking, you should be following this suitable/suggested training route.

Level 1 to 45
Tinderbox.png Logs.png Name Quantity XP XP (Bonus Skill)
Logs 16 4000 8000
Level 45 to 60
Tinderbox.pngMaple Logs.png
Maple Logs 16 13500 27000
Level 60 to 75
Tinderbox.png Yew Logs.png
Yew Logs 47 20200 40400
Level 75 to 99
Tinderbox.png Magic Logs.png
Magic Logs 391 30300 60600


Although it does not matter where you train Firemaking, an easily accessible place to make fires is at Camelot.

Camelot In front of Camelot Castle
Camelot Tele.png
Camelot Castle.png


  • Keep the tinderbox on the bottom of your inventory always using it with the last log to save some time and some mouse movement.
  • Don't have the Lunar Spellbook as your mage book while firemaking. The teleporting back to the location to redo the cycle would be slower thus slower xp. This is because the emote on the Lunar Spellbook takes longer to progress than the Ancient Spell Book and the Normal Spellbook.


Firemaking Hood Untrimmed Firemaking Cape Trimmed Firemaking Cape
Firemaking Hood.png Firemaking Untrimmed.png Firemaking Trimmed.png
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