If you're looking to vote for PylosPk, you can either head over to manually or type "::vote" in-game. Once you're on the voting site, enter your in-game username and click "Submit". From there you'll be given a list of websites which you can vote on. Each website will have tasks to complete in order to submit your vote, whether it be a picture or text that you have to enter. When you've submitted your vote successfully go to the next toplist, located below, and continue voting for PylosPk on the other sites.

Once you've voted on all of the sites, do the command "::voted" in-game to receive your Vote Scrolls. These scrolls, if you're to open them, will give you Vote Points. If you do the "::voted" command and you do not have space in your inventory, they will be placed in your bank. With each vote collected, you also have a chance of receiving an Armadyl Godsword if you are lucky!

Thanks for voting!

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