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This page is to answer your questions, and everything game related questions.

Basic Questions

How do I make money?

Where do I find item codes?

  • You can go to, or you can simply type "::itemn (Item name)" in-game, and it will show the ID.

Wbere do I find other Pkers?

  • You can simply type ::edge, and it will bring you to North-Edgeville. That is the place where most of the PKers are.

Questions For Developers

Will you remove PID from the duel arena?

  • Well, the duel arena is already 100% luck, so I don't understand why it's so bad if another luck factor is involved! So no.

Will you make AGS/DFS unspawnable in the future?

  • No plans to do so, since this is a SPAWN SERVER and without those key items new players would be lost.

Will you add range back to ::13s?

  • No

New minigame/Castle Wars?

  • First of all, I never made castle wars because of how I know it would be dead in no time. Honestly it will just raise the amount of complaints. We cannot spread the playerbase too much (between bosses, pvm, skilling, diff wildy areas, now dangerouspk & pits). I am working on a co-op/single player minigame type thing currently. Remember, it is tough for us to just pump out updates because we have to first create it, test it, modify it, test it again, patch, test and on and on.

More donator benefits?

  • YES! But remember to be reasonable. We don't plan to give donators marginally unfair advantages in the wilderness (i.e. no "5% more str bonus"). Also donators will not get better drop rates. Better areas to kill monsters sure, but drop rates will not change. Remember, the donator status comes with purchasing 2K points, it's not separate!

Change korasi from auto loose to something else?

  • With the wyrmes buff it shouldn't be that hard to obtain one anymore. So it's reasonable as auto loose.

Vigour doesn't work/Vigour needs to save more special?

  • Vigour saves 10% of the amount of special you're going to use... not 10% on all special attacks. I.E. if korasi uses 60% special, 60/10 = 6 so instead it will use/require 54% special.
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