Item Quantity Rarity
Armadyl Chainskirt Armadyl Chainskirt 1 Uncommon
Armadyl Chestplate Armadyl Chestplate 1 Uncommon
Armadyl Helmet Armadyl Helmet 1 Uncommon
Dragon Boots Dragon Boots 1 Uncommon
Loop Half Of A Key Loop Half Of A Key 1 Uncommon
Godsword Shard 3 Godsword Shard 3 1 Uncommon
Godsword Shard 2 Godsword Shard 2 1 Uncommon
Godsword Shard 1 Godsword Shard 1 1 Uncommon
Armadyl Hilt Armadyl Hilt 1 Rare
Attack style Ranged, Magic, Melee (When not under attack)
Combat level 580
Hitpoints 2550
Slayer Level 1
Slayer XP 0
Amount per Task 0
Aggressiveness Yes
Poisonous No
Max Hit Ranged (680), Magic (210), Melee (310)
Always Drops Bones
Spawn Time 30 Seconds
Weakness None
Examine text It's a Kree'arra
Kree'arra Location
Godwars Dungeon 40 Armadyl npc killcount

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