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Mining Icon
Mining is a skill on PylosPk. You will need 99 Mining to receive a Max Cape and/or Completionist Cape. Mining is only about mining rocks. To get this skill to level 99, you should estimate around 6 hours of mining. You can only mine rocks with Pickaxes. The higher the level of the pickaxe, the faster you will mine the rock. Currently, the best pickaxe is a Dragon Pickaxe.

Level Table

This table shows all possible items related to Mining.

Icon Name Code Unlocked at Level
Iron Pickaxe
Iron Pickaxe 1267 1
Steel Pickaxe
Steel Pickaxe 1269 5
Mithril Pickaxe
Mithril Pickaxe 1273 21
Adamant Pickaxe
Adamant Pickaxe 1271 31
Rune Pickaxe
Rune Pickaxe 1275 41
Dragon Pickaxe
Dragon Pickaxe 15259 61


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 param = malm|Goal (per choice above)|2|int|2-200000000
 param = scham|Bonus skill?|No|select|No,Yes
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For the most effective and fastest way to get to 99 Mining, you should be following this suitable/suggested training route.

Level 1 to 15
Iron Pickaxe Copper Ore Name Quantity
Copper Ore 2
Level 15 to 30
Steel Pickaxe Iron Ore Name Quantity
Iron Ore 4
Level 30 to 55
Mithril Pickaxe Coal Name Quantity
Coal 21
Level 55 to 70
Adamant Pickaxe Mithril Ore Name Quantity
Mithril Ore 48
Level 70 to 99
Rune Pickaxe Adamant Ore Name Quantity
Adamant Ore 946


These are the common locations for training Mining.

::skilling Lumbridge Swamp Mining Spot
Donator Mining Lumbridge Swamp Mining Spot


  • After you have full inventory of ores/rune essences, type ::empty to empty your inventory.
  • You could also use the ::bank command. Simply click the deposit all button when your inventory is close to getting full. The Super Donator Super Donator rank is required to perform ::bank.


Mining Hood Untrimmed Mining Cape Trimmed Mining Cape
Mining Hood Mining Cape Mining Cape (t)
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