Pking is a form of combat between two players. Commonly referred to as PvP, it is a common activity for players as it is entertaining and fun. While you can generalize pking, there are many different types of pking. The main type of pking is Meleeing. This involves using melee equipment to fight (Usually level 126), and it very straightforward. Another common method is Hybridding, which involves switching between Melee and Magic pking. Hybridding is more advanced, and takes time to learn. Another method is Pure Pking, which has players fighting with lower stats, meaning higher hits and a quicker fight. There are several types of pure pking, including range, melee, magic, or combinations, where range use melee weapons to combo, magic use melee to combo, or melee use range to combo. Pking is a major part of ArteroPk.


In order to get to pking, there are several methods you can use. The following table shows the teleports, risk, activity, and what kind of pking.

Teleport Level of Wildy Risk? Type of Pking Active? Multi/Single?
::funpk None Safe area All Yes Multi
::easts 22 Low Hybridding No Single
::dangerouspk None High All No Single
::edge 3-12 Low All Yes Single
::13s 13-15 Medium Hybridding Yes Single
::multipk 19-25 High All No Multi
::mb 57 High Hybridding No Single
King Black Dragon 44-52 High All Medium Single/Multi

Melee Pking

The most basic type of pking is Melee Pking. In ArteroPk, you have the ability to quick spawn sets, by going to your Green Quest Tab, scrolling down, and selecting the kit. For Melee, we select "Dharok". You will instantly be geared with dharok, vengeance, armor, and a phoenix necklace.


Hybridding is another form of pking. Like Melee Pking, we can simply go to the Green Quest Tab, scroll down, and select "Hybridding". We are instantly geared with hybridding equipment, and barrage runes.

Pure Pking

For Pure Pking, we can do the same thing as the other two methods - Go to the Green Quest Tab, scroll down, select Pure Set, and we are instantly spawned pure gear. We also have the option of having our levels set for us, a handly feature when it comes to pure pking.


Below is a slideshow of the loadouts and inventory of the following pre-set classes. You can also see the changes to the levels done by the Pure Pking loader.

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