The history of Pylos stretches back as far as 2010, when Graham developed the Hyperion rsps source. Many servers have used this source, and a few have become extremely successful. This page will talk about the old versions, the old staff, and why they were eventually closed down. Pylos as we know it has an entirely new staff team, but every single one is an OG player of the Hyperion source. Let's get started!

DeviousPk - 2011

Terrence and Graham (not the one who developed the Hyperion source) (formerly Closure/Arsen) opened up the server in 2011, along with RecklessPk. The sister servers shared the same base code, but had incredibly different communities and features. While there was a few players who played both, it was extremely common for players to only stick to the one server. Due to the many bugs, glitches, abusive staff, forum and website hacks, the server closed down.

RecklessPk - 2011

Founded by Arsen, Martin, and Edward in 2010 and released in 2011, RecklessPK is the oldest noteworthy RSPS of Pylos' history. Although the RSPS scene was thriving at the time, RecklessPK had managed to keep impressively high rankings on all major RSPS toplists. Pulling in hundreds of players a day, Reckless had the momentum to stay on top for around three years. In 2014, after what felt like endless months without proper maintenance and updating due to Arsen’s “exams,” Reckless began to decline. While some die-hard players and some niche clans still found the game enticing, new players seemed to lack motivation to start up on an outdated server with such a hurdle of a skill gap. In late 2014/early 2015, finally management took action. Their plan was to change the name to InstantPK and implement a new Bounty Hunter system. Initially, the new BH boosted the playercount again because all players had fairly good chances at getting a Primal or Chaotic just for killing his/her target; but he system got abused and the economy became saturated. A merge with DeviousPK/ArteroPK was announced. Players enjoyed their last days, reinforcing the community’s chemistry, but understanding that this was the end of an era. The merge happened in September 2015 and many found the transition too cumbersome to withstand. ArteroPK would achieve its own success without the company of many OG RecklessPKers.

RuneReborn - 2014

In 2014, Terrence rebranded DeviousPk and renamed it RuneReborn (due to issues dealing with Arsen, and the bad reputation that the server had due to the multiple security breaches and in-game bugs). The core content was the same, with very few changes. However, Terrence carried over the same issues as his previous servers - he neglected his staff. Eventually, sick and tired of his lack of care, a group of staff split off and created AxionPk. The developer Martin (Mad Turnip), the admin David, and several well-known players (Thomas/Boomkoheadsh, Steve/Ilikewomen, Jean-Paul/Come Again) left and created their own server. They left on good terms, without abuse. RuneReborn closed shortly after due to lack of administrative care, lack of updates, and lack of owner representation.

AxionPk - 2014

AxionPk was another re-branded version of the Hyperion source. The owners, Martin, Jean-Paul, and David wanted to create a server with active owners, active development, and with a good staff team. They hired Thomas to be their lead admin, as he was extremely liked within the community and was a very capable staff member. The server was a great success at the start, but the owners wanted to change the source due to the buggy nature of the original code. However, this drove away players, and the server shut down soon after.

Unfortunately, during the first few weeks of release of AxionPk, Terrence passed away. His brother, Isaiah, took over running his servers.

DeviousPk / ArteroPk - 2015

When the old server changed its name to RuneReborn, Arsen took control of the deviouspk domain name and sold it to Arre. Arre opened up another revision of the Hyperion source, eventually renaming it to ArteroPk. Him and Ferry (Co-Owner at the time) ran a very successful server. In September 2015, ArteroPk merged with the sister server, RecklessPk. Initially, this was a great success, with the average players being over 400 online and peaking at over 600 online. However, it became apparent that the communities were too different to exist peacefully. Rivalries grew and the community became extremely toxic. However, new developers were hired, and it could be said that the staff team at the time was the strongest it had ever been.

Unfortunately, there was a fight between the owners. It is still not known which truth is real to this day, but these were the stories told. Arre/Ferry told the community that Arsen got his computer hacked, which caused the entire database to leak (usernames, passwords, donation info). Furthermore they stored the passwords in plaintext, so anybody who obtained the database had unlimited access to any account. Due to this, Arre/Ferry pushed Arsen out of ArteroPk and removed all his access. According to Arsen, Arre leaked the database on purpose to have a reason to push him out of the agreement, in order to get more money for himself.

Whichever version is true, the database leak was a catastrophe. Over 1000+ support tickets were made due to lost items or hacked accounts. The playercount dropped by half over a few days, and never increased again. ArteroPk remained online for a year or two after, but with a tiny community and barely any players. The owners were inactive, updates ceased to exist, and advertisements were gone. The main developer Glis, along with the administrator Thomas, moved to their own server, an economy server called NoxiousPS. DrHales (Daniel) attempted to keep the server online and make updates, but there was no money going into it and eventually the server closed.

ArteroPk - 2019

In 2019, a lot of OG ArteroPk/DeviousPk/RecklessPk players got a discord invitation. A man named Rees was re-launching ArteroPk. The community was overjoyed, and a huge following began. Even though it took months before the server was actually released in November of 2019, there were over 200 players online launch day. However, not all was as good as it seemed. For starters, they used a copy of the source from 2014, one that was riddled with bugs and glitches. For example, all of launch day you could not loot emblems in the wild! After this, it became apparent that there was no actual interest in the server. The community manager was extremely immature, and would fire and demote staff for minor issues (such as disagreeing with him), kick people from discord for no reason, and ignore any problems that arose. The server also has bots standing around edgeville, to give the appearance of players. However, it is just 40 bots who do not pk and do not interact. The most famous bot is King Bas301, who can still be found at edgeville just standing there.

Within a week, the only players online were the bots, and it remains that way to this very day.

It was around this time, when the community realised that the ArteroPk launch of 2019 was just a money grab, that Pylos began to take shape...

Pylos - 2020

Around the end of 2019, I got a message from my old friend from ArteroPk, Jesse 1422. He approached me and offered me a position helping out with launching a new server. Another revision of the Hyperion source, but this time done differently. As soon as I joined the discord, I knew that this server had potential. Every staff member, every developer was a dedicated player of the Hyperion source. Caleb/Shreddzy was the main owner, and he had been staff for years on ArteroPk. Darkwarden/Vukbrah/Jesse were developers, and they were all OG players and staff. Jorik/Igotrekt was the administrator, and he had also been staff. We also had help from well known players from both RecklessPk and DeviousPk, like Adam/King Sambo, Fred/Money, Jake/Omniscient, and Josh/Knightmare/Kidzo. Not only were the developers OG players, they LOVE the game. They knew the problems that the old servers had and the passion to fix it.

We did a soft launch in mid January, 2020 and got an amazing response. With the insane amount of community feedback, we've implemented loads of suggestions and made a better game than any version before. Our developers have re-written core parts of the code to make the server faster, more secure, and more efficient.

And that leaves us with the present! Will you make your mark on Pylos history?

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