We now accept RSGP donations! To do so, please contact Sean or Jorik on Discord or In-game. To view the advantages of becoming a donator, click here.


The rates are fairly high, if you compare it to RSGP buying sites.

  • 07 Rates: $0.50/mil
  • RS3 Rates: $0.10/mil


 template = :Calculator:Template/07RSGP
 form = Form
 result = Result
 param = Choice|Oldschool or RuneScape 3?|Level|select|Oldschool,Runescape 3
 param = Amount|You want to donate (Write whole number)|1000000|int|0-200000000000000
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Main Offers

These offers will give you Donator Points on your account. This means that this will count towards your total amount donated to the server. With this, you can get your any donator rank below. With these donator points you can buy items from King Percival and King Roald.

Item Runescape 3 (EoC) Oldschool (07)
Donator Donator Rank 200m 40m
Super Donator Super Donator rank 1000m 200m
Extreme Extreme Donator rank 5000m 1000m
Legendary Legendary Donator rank 25000m 5000m


There are some rules that must be made clear before thinking about donating with RSGP.

You can only Donate RSGP to:

  • If you sell RSGP to someone else, we'll find out your alternate accounts and your main account and you will be banned from the server. No excuses.
  • Don't talk on Runescape. This is to prevent accounts getting banned for trading RSGP for "real world trading".
  • When contacting RSPG Trader, make sure you're 100% sure about doing so. Private message RSGP Trader on the forums or contact him ingame with what kind of game you have RSGP on (RS3 or 07) and how much you're willing to donate.
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