Staff Team list shows you all information about all staff members. Owner Owner is the highest rank, Helper Helper is the lowest.

Staff Team List

Name Ingame Name Primary Rank Other Rank(s)
Jorik Jorik Owner Owner
Sean Sean Owner Owner Wiki-Administrator Wiki-Administrator
Vuk Vukbrah Developer Developer Wiki-Administrator Wiki-Administrator
Darkwarden Darkwarden Developer Developer Wiki-Administrator Wiki-Administrator
Jesse Jesse 1422 Developer Developer Wiki-Owner Wiki-Owner
Adam King Sambo Head Moderator Head Moderator
Knightmare Byakuya Community Manager Community Manager
Omniscient Omniscient Forum Manager Forum Manager Senior Moderator Senior Moderator
Fred Money Senior Moderator Senior Moderator
Suuri Suuri Senior Moderator Senior Moderator Wiki-Administrator Wiki-Administrator
Dumling Dumling Moderator Moderator
Runerova Runerova Moderator Moderator Wiki-Editor Wiki-Editor
Dsisback Dsisback Helper helper
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