Summoning-icon Summoning is a skill which allows you to summon familiars. familiars will help you when you're fighting with other npc's or if you're pking in multipk. each familiar apart got their own "special attack" which can be used to kill other npc's / players or gives you a skill boost.

Summoning is also a skill that you do need 99 in to get a Max Cape and you also need 200,000,000 XP for the Completionist Cape.

How to Train Summoning

You need 4 types of items in order to train Summoning. These item types are; Spirit Shards, Spirit charms, Empty pouches and Secondary ingredients. The secondary ingredient and the empty pouches (::item 12155) are spawnable, but you'll need to obtain the spirit shards/charms through other means.

To create a pouch, use the secondary ingredient (for example the Wolf Bones) on the empty pouch. You do not need to be in any particular location to train the skill.

Level Table

This table shows all possible familiar pouches related to summoning

Icon Name Unlock at Level Code Ingredient Item Items needed to make Amount of Shards Needed
Spirit Wolf Pouch Spirit Wolf Pouch 1 2859 Gold Charm & Wolf Bones 7
Dreadfowl Pouch DreadFowl Pouch 4 2138 Gold Charm & Raw Chicken 8
Spirit Spider Pouch Spirit Spider Pouch 10 6291 Gold Charm & Spider Carcass 8
Thorny Snail Pouch Thorny Snail Pouch 13 3369 Gold Charm & Thin Snail Meat 8
Granite Crab Pouch Granite Crab Pouch 16 440 Gold Charm & Iron Ore 7
Spirit Mosquito Pouch Spirit Mosquito Pouch 17 6319 Gold Charm & Proboscis 1
Bull Ant Pouch Bull Ant Pouch 40 6010 Gold Charm & Marigolds 11
Spirit Terrorbird Pouch Spirit Terrorbird Pouch 52 9978 Gold Charm & Raw Bird Meat 12
Ibis Pouch Ibis Pouch 56 311 Green Charm & Harpoon 109
Steel Minotaur Pouch Steel Minotaur Pouch 56 2353 Blue Charm & Steel Bar 141
Mithril Minotaur Pouch Mithril Minotaur Pouch 66 2359 Blue Charm & Mithril Bar 152
Artic Bear Pouch Artic Bear Pouch 71 10117 Gold Charm & Polar Kebbit Fur 14
War Tortoise Pouch War Tortoise Pouch 72 7939 Gold Charm & Tortoise Shell 1
Talon Beast Pouch Talon Beasts Pouch 77 12162 Crimson Charm & Talon Beast Charm 174
Hydra Pouch Hydra Pouch 80 571 Green Charm & Water Orb 128
Spirit Dagannoth Pouch Spirit Dagonnoth Pouch 83 6155 Crimson Charm & Dagannoth Hide 1
Swamp Titan Pouch Swamp Titan Pouch 85 10149 Crimson Charm & Swamp Lizard 150
Geyser Titan Pouch Geyser Titan Pouch 89 1444 Blue Charm & Water Talisman 222
Iron Titan Pouch Iron Titan Pouch 95 1115 Crimson Charm & Iron Platebody 198
Pack Yak Pouch Pack Yak Pouch 96 10818 Crimson Charm & Yak-Hide 211
Steel Titan Pouch Steel Titan Pouch 99 1119 Crimson Charm & Steel Platebody 178


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For the most effective and fastest way to get to 99 summoning, you should be following this suggested training route.

Level 1 to 4
Spirit Wolf Pouch
Item Quantity Tertiary Code XP
Spirit Wolf Pouch 6 2859 48
Level 4 to 10
Dreadfowl Pouch
DreadFowl Pouch 8 2138 93
Level 10 to 17
Spirit Spider Pouch
Spirit Spider Pouch 16 6291 126
Level 17 to 56
Spirit Mosquito Pouch
Spirit Mosquito Pouch 390 6319 465
Level 56 to 71
Steel Minotaur Pouch
Steel Minotaur 128 2359 4928
Level 71 to 99
Artic Bear Pouch
Artic Bear Pouch 1312 10117 9320

Npc Locations Related to Summoning

These are the common npc locations to gain charms related to Summoning

Chaos Druid
Chaos Druids Location
Taverly Dungeon
Ice Strykewyrm
Ice Strykewyrm Location
Frozen Waste Plateau
Ice Strykewyrm (Donator)
Ice Strykewyrm Location (Donator)
Donator Zone PvM


  • Charms are collected by npc's, Use a Charm Collector to collect directly, Bought for 40 Slayer points from the Slayer Master
  • Shards can be gained by
    • Buying from other players
    • Shard pack bought from Mandrith For 10 Emblem Points
  • You should use Rune Knives for killing (Code 868).


Summoning Hood Untrimmed Summoning Cape Trimmed Summoning Cape
Summoning Hood Summoning Cape Summoning Cape (t)
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