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  • When you log in, you will be greeted with this interface:

WHEN YOU SET YOUR PIN, make sure you write it down. You will not be able to change your own pin until further notice. Whenever your account logs in from a different IP you must confirm your PIN. You should never give out your PIN!

Player Profiles

  • You're able to now right-click a player's profile and view it.
  • or ::viewprofile name
  • and you can disable your public profile by doing ::disableprofile

Avatar of Destruction

  • Avatar of destruction is now available by talking to the zoo keeper at home. He is a range/mage ONLY BOSS.

Wiki Reward

  • Talk to boomwiki ingame about this.

NameItem Interface

  • To open this interface, do ::nameitem name

Combat Rework

  • Magic following distance has been corrected, you will now be able to use magic from 10 tiles away, but your player will start following at 8 tiles away
  • Special attack accuracies, delays etc have been corrected
  • Magic and range on NPCs has been reworked - magic was too under powered and range too overpowered (at times)
  • Magic accuracy has been decreased slightly (and magic defense increase a little). You would surely accidently splash on tank once or twice. But after looking through a bunch of old and new PK vids, I realized that our freeze rate is EXTREMELY high. This should fix it
  • Your special shouldn't disable when you switch gear anymore
  • You should be able to 1-tick weapons, in example to dh axe. Whenever you used to switch it would reset your opponent making it so you would no longer hit them. Now you should be able to effectively 1-tick weapons. If you don't want to staff bash please turn off auto-retaliate

New Game Mode

  • New game mode is now 100% active. You get 200K cash per kill. Some in-game features are still disabled for New Game Mode users

In other news

  • Gmaul (i) has been added to the emblem point store. It has 3 special attacks
  • For mac users that can't see the new interfaces, PLEASE run the loader through command line and show any stack traces. We need to get this fixed ASAP (as we integrate more things into interfaces)
  • Taverly dungeon pipe works at 70 agility
  • Glitching on the agility log should no longer work
  • Items kept on death shows the stack size
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