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This page shows every High Alchemy value of most items in the game. If you die while in the wilderness for example, the game will search for the highest High Alchemy value and chose to protect that item. So the lower the item on the list, the more likely it is you will protect it over other items.

To give an example, if I have four items in my inventory, a Primal Longsword, a Pernix Body and a Elysian Spirit Shield, the game will chose the lowest number on the tabel shown below to protect. So it will first protect the Primal Longsword, then the Pernix Body and lastly the Elysian Spirit Shield.




Primal Battleaxe
Primal Battleaxe 1
Primal Longsword
Primal Longsword 2
Primal Maul
Primal Maul 3
Primal 2h Sword
Primal 2h Sword 4
Primal Rapier
Primal Rapier 5
Primal Warhammer
Primal Warhammer 6
Primal Spear
Primal Spear 7
Ardougne Cloak 3
Ardougne Cloak 3 8
Primal Battleaxe
Primal Battleaxe 9
Primal Longsword
Primal Longsword 10
Primal Maul
Primal Maul 11
Novite Platelegs
Novite Platelegs 12
Novite Full Helm
Novite Full Helm 13
Primal 2h Sword
Primal 2h Sword 14
Primal Warhammer
Primal Warhammer 15
Novite Platebody
Novite Platebody 16
(Lightk) Armadyl Godsword
(Lightk) Armadyl Godsword 17
Ardougne Cloak 2
Ardougne Cloak 2 18
Novite Battleaxe
Novite Battleaxe 19
Novite Boots
Novite Boots 20
Novite Longsword
Novite Longsword 21
Novite Maul
Novite Maul 22
Novite 2h Sword
Novite 2h Sword 23
Novite Kiteshield
Novite Kiteshield 24
Ardougne Cloak 1
Ardougne Cloak 1 25
Primal Rapier
Primal Rapier 26
Eagle-eye Kiteshield
Eagle-eye Kiteshield 27
Torva Platebody
Torva Platebody 28
Torva Platelegs
Torva Platelegs 29
Pernix Body
Pernix Body 30
Pernix Chaps
Pernix Chaps 31
Virtus Robetop
Virtus Robe Top 32
Virtus Robelegs
Virtus Robe Legs 33
Red Dragon Kiteshield
Red Dragon Kiteshield 34
Black Dragon Kiteshield
Black Dragon Kiteshield 35
Primal Boots
Primal Boots 36
Primal Platelegs
Primal Platelegs 37
Primal Full Helm
Primal Full Helm 38
Primal Platebody
Primal Platebody 39
Primal Kiteshield
Primal Kiteshield 40
Dragon Claws
Dragon Claws 41
Novite Rapier
Novite Rapier 42
Farseer Kiteshield
Farseer Kiteshield 43
Legendary Ticket
Legendary Ticket 44
Sacred Clay Platebody
Sacred Clay Platebody 45
Sacred Clay Platelegs
Sacred Clay Platelegs 46
Sacred Clay Helm
Sacred Clay Helm 47
Sacred Clay Scimitar
Sacred Clay Scimitar 48
Sacred Clay Robe Top
Sacred Clay Robe Top 49
Sacred Clay Robe Bottom
Sacred Clay Robe Bottom 50
Sacred Clay Hat
Sacred Clay Hat 51
Sacred Clay Staff
Sacred Clay Staff 52
Sacred Clay Body
Sacred Clay Body 53
Sacred Clay Chaps
Sacred Clay Chaps 54
Sacred Clay Coif
Sacred Clay Coif 55
Sacred Clay Bow
Sacred Clay Bow 56
Cursed Ancient Mace
Cursed Ancient Mace 57
Full Slayer Helmet
Full Slayer Helmet 58
Red Partyhat
Red Partyhat 59
Yellow Partyhat
Yellow Partyhat 60
Blue Partyhat
Blue Partyhat 61
Green Partyhat
Green Partyhat 62
Purple Partyhat
Purple Partyhat 63
White Partyhat
White Partyhat 64
Chaotic Staff
Chaotic Staff 65
Chaotic Crossbow
Chaotic Crossbow 66
Chaotic Kiteshield
Chaotic Kiteshield 67
Divine Spirit Shield
Divine Spirit Shield 68
Dungeoneering Cape (t)
Dungeoneering Cape (t) 69
Dungeoneering Master Cape
Dungeoneering Master Cape 70
Slayer Helmet
Slayer Helmet 71
Granite Maul (i)
Granite Maul (i) 72
Santa Hat
Santa Hat 73
Green H'ween Mask 74
Blue H'ween Mask 75
Red H'ween Mask 76
Pernix Chaps
Pernix Chaps 77
Pernix Body
Pernix Body 78
Pernix Cowl
Pernix Cowl 79
Warrior Ring (i)
Warrior Ring (i) 80
Hand Cannon
Hand Cannon 81
Blessed Spirit Shield
Blessed Spirit Shield 82
Arcane Pulse Necklace
Arcane Pulse Necklace 83
Arcane Stream Necklace
Arcane Stream Necklace 84
Focus Sight
Focus Sight 85
Chaotic Rapier
Chaotic Rapier 86
Chaotic Rapier
Chaotic Rapier (broken) 87
Chaotic Longsword
Chaotic Longsword 88
Chaotic Longsword
Chaotic Longsword (broken) 89
Chaotic Maul
Chaotic Maul (broken) 90
Chaotic Staff
Chaotic Staff (broken) 91
Chaotic Crossbow
Chaotic C'bow (broken) 92
Chaotic Kiteshield
Chaotic Kiteshield (broken) 93
3rd Age Range Top
Third-age Range Top 94
3rd Age Range Legs
Third-age Range Legs 95
3rd Age Range Coif
Third-age Range Coif 96
3rd Age Vambraces
Third-age Vambraces 97
3rd Age Robe Top
Third-age Robe Top 98
3rd Age Robe
Third-age Robe 99
3rd Age Mage Hat
Third-age Mage Hat 100
3rd Age Amulet
Third-age Amulet 101
3rd Age Platelegs
Third-age Platelegs 102
3rd Age Platebody
Third-age Platebody 103
3rd Age Full Helmet
Third-age Full Helmet 104
3rd Age Kiteshield
Third-age Kiteshield 105
Spirit Shield
Spirit Shield 106
Arcane Spirit Shield
Arcane Spirit Shield 107
Elysian Spirit Shield
Elysian Spirit Shield 108
Spectral Spirit Shield
Spectral Spirit Shield 109
Spirit Shield
Spirit Shield 110
Blessed Spirit Shield
Blessed Spirit Shield 111
Arcane Spirit Shield
Arcane Spirit Shield 112
Divine Spirit Shield
Divine Spirit Shield 113
Elysian Spirit Shield
Elysian Spirit Shield 114
Spectral Spirit Shield
Spectral Spirit Shield 115
Royal Crown
Royal Crown 116
Celestial Catalytic Staff
Celestial Catalytic Staff 117
Statius Platebody
Statius's Platebody 118
Cursed S. Platebody
Cursed S. Platebody 119
Vesta's Chainbody
Vesta's Chainbody 120
Vesta's Chainbody
Vesta's Chainbody (Deg) 121
Statius's Platelegs
Statius's Platelegs 122
Vesta's Longsword
Vesta's Longsword 128
Cursed S. Platelegs
Cursed S. Platelegs 123
Vesta's Plateskirt
Vesta's Plateskirt 124
Vesta's Plateskirt
Vesta's Plateskirt (Deg) 125
Statius's Full Helm
Statius's Full Helm 126
Cursed S. Fullhelm
Cursed S. Fullhelm 127
Statius's Warhammer
Statius's Warhammer 129
Vesta's Spear
Vesta's Spear 130
Bandos Tassets
Bandos Tassets 132
Bandos Chestplate
Bandos Chestplate 133
Hand Cannon Shot
Hand Cannon Shot 134
Spirit Shards
Spirit Shards 135
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