Lava Strykewyrm
Attack style Melee, Magic
Combat level 382
Hitpoints 1500 (15000
Slayer Level N/A
Slayer XP N/A
Amount per Task N/A
Aggressiveness Yes
Poisonous No
Max Hit melee 40, magic 30
Always Drops Manta Ray
Spawn Time 10 minutes
Weakness Melee
Examine text It's made of pure fire.


WildyWyrm spawns around deep wilderness to find him you need buy WildyWyrm Locator from Pkp Shop, Then you just go to wilderness and use your locator to find WildyWyrm.

Drop Table

Item Quantity Rarity
Pk Mystery Box 1 Uncommon
Emblem (Level 5)
Emblem lvl 5 1 Rare (2,10%)
Dragon Pickaxe
Dragon Pickaxe 1 Rare (2,10%)
Farseer Kiteshield
Farseer Kiteshield 1 Rare (2,10%)
PvM Token
Pvm Token 80-110 Rare (1,10%)
Flameburst Defender
Flameburst Defender 1 Rare (1,10%)
Promethium Maul
Promethium Maul 1 Rare (1,10%)
Abyssal vine whip
Abyssal Vine Whip 1 Rare (1,10%)
Eagle-eye Kiteshield
Eagle-eye Kiteshield 1 Super Rare (0,60%)
Emblem (Level 10)
Emblem level 10 1 Super Rare (0,50%)
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