Item Table

This table shows all items needed to getting your Woodcutting level to 99 as quickly as possible.

Icon Name Code Unlocked at Level Spawnable
Iron Axe
Iron Hatchet 1349 1 Yes
Rune Axe
Rune Hatchet 1359 41 Yes
Dragon Axe
Dragon Hatchet 6739 61 Yes


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For the most effective and fastest way to get to 99 Woodcutting, you should be following this suitable/suggested training route.

Level 1 to 30
Iron Axe Logs Name Quantity
Logs 3
Level 30 to 45
Iron Axe Willow logs Name Quantity
Willow Logs 4
Level 45 to 60
Rune Axe Maple logs Name Quantity
Maple Logs 11
Level 60 to 75
Rune Axe Yew log Name Quantity
Yew Logs 27
Level 75 to 99
Dragon Axe Magic logs Name Quantity
Magic Logs 237


These are the common locations for training Woodcutting.

Name Telepot Image Spot image
Willow Tree Lumbridge Teleport Woodcutting Willow
Maple Tree Camelot Teleport Woodcutting Maple
Yew Tree Home Teleport Woodcutting Yew
Magic Tree ::agility Woodcutting Magic Tree


  • After you have full inventory of logs type ::empty to empty your inventory to save time.
  • You can also use ::bank while woodcutting. Simply bank your logs. You will need to be a Super Donator Super Donator to use the ::bank feature.
  • You can also, have a knife/tinderbox in your inventory to level your Firemaking or Fletching after you cut the logs. 


Woodcutting Hood Untrimmed Woodcutting Cape Trimmed Woodcutting Cape
Woodcutting Hood Woodcutting Cape Woodcutting Cape (t)
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